Tuesday 18 December 2012

Ape Sanctuary Records

Ape Sanctuary records are 2 guys who run a small tape/digital 
label and release cassettes of their recordings under various 
album titles, they are not a cohesive band per se, more like a series of projects.

Leaning to the noise, experimental side of things, there are three
projects to sink you teeth into.

Unhappy Virgin Damage

This is experimental noise-rock which sounds like the 
alternative soundtrack to Eraserhead! Distorted vocals
vie to be heard above drones and textures which are
smothered in guitar feedback loops. Clanking percussion
drives the song passages along and electronic squalls make
sure that the uneasy listening experience continues.


Oktaha contains instrumental tracks that revolve around guitar
loops that are drenched in reverb. Quiet Sonic Youth flourishes
give the impression of wide open spaces but without drifting
into aimless ambient crapola.

Teen Eagle

The third offering is by Teen Eagle - using the template of Unhappy
Virgin Damage, these tracks have much more attack and direction,
falling into the thick swamp of sludge, giving you the power and
aggression of very early Swans crossed with the gibbering madness
that the Butthole Surfers used to such good effect in Locust Abortion

Check this talented bunch out and take a chance on hearing
something different.

All available from Bandcamp

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