Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Tesa - IV

Band request from Latvia.

Tesa play post-rock arrangements but with the fire and
aggression of sludge and post-metal.

They mix ambient soundscapes with loops and noise but never
forget to play as loud as they can when they want you to take notice. 

Echoed, picked guitar rings out in desolation, like a corpse
floating down a river before finally falling over a massive 
waterfall that drowns out all other sounds. Virtually instrumental
apart from some very faint screams of desperation, the songs
avoid long drawn out passages, instead the constant ebb and
flow between loud and quiet quickly take the listener along
with mid paced tempos that brings anticipation to the next
part of the composition. 

The three tracks are best played as a whole to get the full effect
of what Tesa are trying to achieve - monolithic slabs of epic,
haunting brutality.

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