Thursday, 20 December 2012

mnttaB - mainsHum

Band request from Australia.

If the Devil had drank a milkshake made of disco, punk and
electronica and then vomited up the contents, forming a 
band from the resulting steaming mess, mnttaB would
be the result!

Never has a band with no guitars made me jump around so much.
Glorious ramshackle fun, this is the ideal soundtrack to play when
you want to experience being drunk but without drinking. 

Play this to your relatives on Christmas day and watch them cross
you off their contact lists!

Bio: mnttaB? - its a melbourne based new romantic, jazz funk, post-nothing, noise-pop smorgasbord with extra mayonnaise.  Sort of like demented lift muzak played through a big muff, with the sounds of some random domestic "incident" seeping through the walls of your bedsit. 

How can tunes assembled on a sequencer get so out of time? How can digitally recorded vocals sound so scratchy and distorted? Why does such an expensive synthesizier sound so cheap? 

All these questions and more remain unanswered by the mainsHum EP....Imagine early Dollar (if they had listened to more Toxo Plasma) or a mutant Thomas Dolby with webbed hands and broken fingers or Vangelis if he only had a Wasp to work with or GBH let loose on a Fairlight - imagine all that , all at the same time, all through a ripped speaker cone....turned up really fucking loud.

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