Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Lilium Sova - Epic Morning

Band request from Switzerland.

Lilium Sova play mainly instrumental post-hardcore with a
fucked up jazz sound that hurts your head more than any down-tuned
guitar can. Fast, technical playing hits you at first but without
the sheer scorched earth policy that Zu employ.

Having the keyboard sound like a guitar gives the riffs a chord
range that goes beyond the hand-span a six stringed instrument
can produce - unless they have fucking massive fingers like
 Hendrix or Zappa! Math like, staccato rhythms pound out
mixtures of styles from heavy noise to passages of echoed sax.

Towards the end of the album, rabid hardcore vocals kick in,
bringing it all together, not unlike The Mars Volta in full flow.


BIO: 4 years after its debut album, the atypical instrumental hailing from Geneva, (Switzerland) Lilium Sova, is back with a new full-length available right now through Cal of Ror Records (Rorcal).

Emerged in early 2006 as a trio (Cyril, Michael and Tim) playing a fairly unique dynamic syncopated brand of noise-hardcore and post-metal mixture with a pinch of free-jazz to give life to "Tripartite Chaos" (2008, Cal Of Ror Records). In 2011, after sessions for an upcoming record were done, the band parted ways with saxophone/synth player Michael Borcard (Penfield), losing a key element of their sound. Guest musicians Loïc Blazek (violoncello/guitar) and multi-tasker Kim Makombe (guitars/noise) where then invited to join the band permanently.

Now a quartet, Lilium Sova has rearranged some older songs and expanded their initial sound, and it's under this line up that the band releases "Epic morning". A brand new album recorded & mixed by JP Schopfer (Rorcal) @ Wool studio and mastered by Raphael Bovey, including guests appearances from members of Impure Wilhelmina, Kehlvin, Yog, Rorcal...

Three tracks from this upcoming noise-mathcore jazzy creature are available on Bandcamp.

Get your copy right NOW !

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