Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Haut Et Court - La Vie

Band request from Eastern France.

Haut Et Court describe themselves as playing Mathcrust - 
although this is the first time I have heard of this genre, it
describes them perfectly.

Sounding like they should be signed to Throatruiner Records,
playing these 6 tracks is very much like a boot in the face.

Fast and powerful, these songs drip with elements of crust and 
hardcore, while the depth and tone of their sound have that 
black metal sonic solidness that are evident in Coverge or
Trap Them.

Haut Et Court fuse all these elements together with some
wonderfully mangled guitar riffs that strays out of generic
templates and delves into some intricate but still heavy madness.

Production is top notch - keeping the sound big and tight but 
without descending into muddiness. Oh yeah - and the
vocalist sounds like a werewolf fucking around with bad
drugs and a microphone!

If this grabs ya - free download from Bandcamp


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  1. yeah cool band..
    if you're interested here's an interiew I did with them (in english):