Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Walls Of Silents - Looking Through Cadaver Eyes

This was recommended to me by Chris from the very cool
Small Takeover blog. Check 'em out for noisy, interesting stuff.

Wall Of Silents play hardcore metal rock'n'roll which translates
into the glorious sound of the Cro-Mags meeting Motörhead!

Any album that starts off with a Hellboy sample is going to get
into my good books but they back it up with yobbish abandon.

If you are looking for subtle touches of delicacy do not come
near this mutant beast of punk-metal. With a fat, powerful
sound, the rasping growls of the vocalist give the meaty
riffs plenty of momentum as the songs barrel down the
highway of aggression.  Bringing the whole sound together
are the guitar solos - loud, fuzzed and wah-wah'd - giving
a metal touch to proceedings but without too much fret
board wankery!

This album is from 2009 but worth checking out if you
are in the mood for some non-pretentious music.

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