Monday, 31 December 2012

Goodbye 2012

Looking back over the year, I know we have all been
on an incredible journey together and learnt a lot about ourselves!

We have all laughed, cried, been to court and been diagnosed as
clinically depressed as one happy family.

What lessons have we learnt?

1. I don't think the BBC will be showing reruns of "Jim'll Fix It" for a while.

2. Arsenal plan to sell every decent player they ever get.

3. Apparently if you happen to be walking in the same direction as
someone and then happen to get on the same train as them and then
by mistake get off at the same stop and follow them home and by mistake
climb a tree in their garden and stare in their bedroom window all night
and get so hot that all your clothes fall off and need the toilet so badly that
your normally flaccid penis looks like a giant inflatable lobster
 wobbling around, the police call it "Stalking"!

4. In a vain-glorious haze of ignorance, I thought that the 1,000 page views
I was getting a day was due to my wonderful and pithy music reviews and
not the fact that you could get albums free from my site. When the file-sharing 
purge wiped all accounts and I decided only to share legal or bandcamp links,
 how quickly I found out the truth. 

A big thanks to everyone who stuck around!

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