Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Abysse - En(d)grave

Band Request from France. (thanks Jérémy)

Abysse play instrumental metal and I have to admit that this type of
thing leaves me cold.

But ................ this is not one guy wanking off with his guitar,
trying to impress with speed but a whole band playing as one
cohesive unit and they just happen to have a player that when
doing a solo, has a tech-metal feel which sometimes slips into
a later-era Tony Iommi style.

Abysse have a groove and an abundance of real tunes that do
not make me think about the absence of a vocalist. The musical
styles veer from Mastodon to Dream Theater through some
Doom and back to metal without any problems at all.

Songs are always in the spectrum of heavy but with a clear
sense of space and light in the compositions which mean that it
does not just blur into a mess of cut'n'paste riffs.

This albums rocks like a bastard - if you ever been put
off by this genre, now is the time to throw off your shackles
of perception and give this a listen.

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