Thursday, 29 November 2012

Black Science - An Echo Through The Eyes Of Forever

Band request from Seattle.

Black Science play space rock ......... as soon as you hear those
words, try as hard as you want, one word instantly comes into
your thoughts .......... Hawkwind. Like it or not, the revered 
All-Fathers of all things spacey are the benchmark to which
all others are compared. 

There are comparisons but Black Science have decided to also
concentrate on the "Rock" part of the genre as well, throwing
in stoner and healthy doses of psych rock to give a new slant
to things.

Lots of wild guitar work is displayed and combining with nifty
keyboards means the electronic sounds and effects never
overpower the songs. The last track is a 15 minute kraut-rock
stomper finishes off this enjoyable album in style.

The twin vocals are clean and to my ears, draw comparisons with
Vedder when he was in Temple Of The Dog - there is a warmth
sometimes missing from this genre.

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