Thursday, 27 February 2014

Reflections Of Internal Rain - Answers

From: Serbia
Sounds like: screamo/punk
If just one song: Answers

Is there anything interesting (hardcorely speaking) going on in Novi Sad, Serbia?
Wouldn’t be this EP, among other things?
Any link with the way Reflections of Internal Rain reaches a well balanced variety in styles by skillfully mixing:
- the rhythm, energy, nervousness and rawness of punk rock with
- the direct impact of emocore sincerity and
- the science of screamo songs’ structure without being too chaotic and
- the vocal harshness of the above-cited sub-genre counterbalanced by subtle but umistakable melodic tricks (like the hands clapping one here)?

Would all this sound a bit like skinning alive a melancholic cat with the feeling you are doing him a favor?
A bit disorientated by the image? (Never skinned alive a melancholic cat? Nor any kind of cat?)
Is this EP efficient in spite of the psychotic metaphors it can evoke to some fucked-up reviewer?
Does the energy and the emergency that fuel the songs easily contaminate the listener because of the melodic touches they are wrapped in?

Does the band also deserve respect for their DIY ethic? And the sweat they pour by liters during the concerts? (Do I mention this because I had the chance to see them live in an ocean-like moving crowd in Oporto quite a long time ago?)
Could we describe “Answers” as a real positive and challenging following to their “Last flood” album?

Isn’t it a shame to review this EP more than two years after it went out?
Still needing some solid argument? Would you lend an ear to the eponymous song?
And, finally, is it worth downloading (for free) the EP through Strikedown Records, or purchasing the nice transparent vinyl at Throatruiner or DyingDIYDistro? A tape via D'Kolektif, maybe?

Well... in spite of what is screamed in the above-mentioned eponymous song, there IS an answer, it lies within those seven songs, and it’s “YES”. Period.

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