Tuesday 18 February 2014

When Icarus Falls - Circles

When Icarus Falls follow up "Aegean" from 2012 with four
powerful tracks that will make mountains crumble into
the sea and the moon move out of orbit. 

For me, post-metal has just about run its course, with only a handful
of bands capable of rising above the cut'n'paste copyists that seem
to litter this genre.

Luckily for us all, When Icarus Fall escape that trap with thoughtful
song writing capabilities that have an epic feel to them and yet still
retain a hardcore edge to focus the tracks with razor-sharp guitar riffs
that slice through the sonic denseness.

Atmospherics that are sparsely used do not overplay their hand,
instead they add, rather than distract from the rage and despair
being played out through the songs. Despite the power and
fury, there is a hypnotic quality due to the running order of the
tracks that brings a cohesive feel that just sounds right.

These guys just get better and better.

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Many thanks to Jeremy from Black Wave for sending this to me.

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