Tuesday 25 February 2014

Lan/cet - Nameless

Lan/cet are from Poland and play a unique mix of metal
sounding doom and stoner with a wild card in the shape
of a trumpet player.

The whole idea of founding the group Lan/cet arose in the end of
2008. It all got started when two friends, Marcin „Hedgehog” Jerzyna
and Michael; „Hippis” Markowski began playing together. The first
rehearsals took place at grandma’s Hedgehog’s, in a small, white cottage,
near the town of Parczew. In 2011, Robert „Roberto Mori” Protasewicz from
Siedlce, joined the band. Two years later, the trumpeter Witold Popiel
powered Lan/cet. Soon, the group developed an interesting and orginal style,
which now continues to gain momentum.

That is their blurb but what do they sound like?

Heavy driving riffs power the songs - these guys are shit hot, 
both in technical ability and the gift for making this album 
full of interesting themes and compositions. 

Instrumental projects have to have something to raise the
music and in this case, their secret weapon is Witold Popiel,
the trumpet player. Floating, echoed stabs drift in and out - 
think "Bitches Brew" but with a much heavier band behind the
sound. Psychedelic jazz with ambient passages that explode into
distorted guitar frenzied workouts - hey man, free your mind and
the rest will follow.

Give this a listen if you are searching for something different but
still with enough edge to get your head nodding. Possibly not for
everyone but if you like heavy riffs and have ever indulged in the
electric phase of Miles Davis, go get some!

Highly recommended.

                                                            Buy from Bandcamp


Thanks to Marcin fro sending this to me.

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