Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Helms Alee - Sleepwalking Sailors

With their third album, Helms Alee have returned stronger
and heavier than before but without losing the melodic touch
that makes this record shine.

There is unresolved tension within many of the tracks - math rock
type tempos and intricate riffs that spiral across the song passages
bring conflict and resolve making the bombshell blasts of hardcore
anger seem that much more jarring and urgent.

Song composition is superb, often bringing calm and fury within
a few bars of each other. There is an epic feel to the chorus lines
that worm into your brain and stay there long after the tracks have

With dual vocals intertwining between male and female, the results
are an uplifting mix of crooning and shouting that has not been heard
since the Pixies in their heyday. The music has been captured with a
real clarity that seems to bring everything to the front.

The powerful surge of Melvins like riffing is tempered with shimmering
flourishes and sparse chording that makes each song stand out.

Cool cover - even cooler band.

This is the good shit.

Buy here - Bandcamp


Thanks to Rachel & Sargent House for sending this to me.

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