Thursday, 12 September 2013

A Storm Of Light - Nation To Flames

Ever since the 2011 release of "As The Valley Of Death Becomes Us,
Our Silver Memories Fade", I have been waiting eagerly
for this new album.

And my review could really be just 3 words -


This is a heavier Storm Of Light on display this time around. 
The song lengths have been trimmed but have not lost the epic feel, 
now there is a bruising urgency to proceedings which pummel the 
senses with multi-layered, atmospheric slabs of destruction.

The guitars are alive with tension and distortion and the riffs sound
like empires crumbling under the weight of broken promises. Tempos
have been increased giving the songs an undercurrent of controlled
frenzy - the tension threatens to spill over into chaos but always the
heaviness is present.

Tribal drumming underlines the shamanistic nature of the lyrics - 
repeated phrases hammer home lines into your skull.

This should be in everyones album of the year list - in case
you are not sure how magnificent it is, I shall repeat -


Thanks to Lauren at Rarely Unable PR for sending this to me. 

Band Blurb:
New York metal alchemists, A STORM OF LIGHT, will unleash their long-anticipated new studio offering this Fall! Entitled Nations To Flames, the 11-track follow up to the band’s critically-lauded 2011 opus, As The Valley Of Death Becomes Us, Our Silver Memories Fade, was recorded with Travis Kammeyer (OCOAI, Generation Of Vipers) at Fahrenheit Studios in Johnson City, Tennessee, mixed with Matt Bayles (Isis, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Botch, Mastodon) at Red Room Recording in Seattle, Washington and mastered by Brad Boatright (Sleep, From Ashes Rise, Nails) at Audiosiege in Portland, Oregon.

Additionally, Nations to Flames features Soundgraden’s Kim Thayil and Indian/Nachtmystium’s Will Lindsay on select tracks.

Centered around the apex of human failure, Nations To Flames bears witness to the fall of all governments, all nations, and all religions. The record is both musically and thematically captivating and marks the STORM collective’s darkest, most immediately punishing creation to date.

Comments A STORM OF LIGHT founding guitarist/vocalist Josh Graham “These songs are much more focused. Even the more ‘epic’ songs are shorter but still accomplish the same journey as the longer songs used to. We’ve ditched the rock elements of the last record and  let our early influences of Killing Joke, Bad Brains, Metallica and Crash Worship seep in. We are bringing back the intensity of Black Ocean but with the speed and precision ore akin to our metal influences. While there are still some slower/sludgy tunes, some songs are twice as fast as the older material.”

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