Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Fangs Of The Molossus - S/T

Hailing from Italy, Fangs of The Molossus play a heavy blend
of Psych/Doom with a big dose of heaviness thrown in.

Big distorted riffs are hurled through the air complete with
dirty sounding wah-wahs that straight away make you feel
at home. Clean vocals are buried in the mix, giving them a
claustrophobic feel that envelops the listener.

The solos are quite low on distortion meaning you can hear
them over the eerie drones and massive wall of noise that are
pounding away.

The harshness is sometimes offset by song passages that
seem almost organic and have a live jam quality to them
which flows effortlessly along.

Dark atmosperics are created by soundclips and sparing use
of some keyboards but the overall tone is heavy, dark and

Sure, these guys obviously love Sabbath and Electric Wizard -
guess what, so do I - stop fucking around crying about genres
and get hold of this now.

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