Thursday, 5 September 2013

Årabrot - Årabrot

You know what to expect from Årabrot and this
is no exception - big lung bursting vocals with undercurrents
of promised violence, depth charge riffs that are set to explode
in your brain and a wall of sound that sounds like a black hole

Noise and sludge make a deadly combination and Årabrot have 
returned with the follow up to “Solar Anus” with another slab of manic  - 
and quite frankly - crazed and demented collection of songs which make 
you feel violated  and uncomfortable. The album as a whole is multi-layered 
which reveals its dark secrets each time you play it.

Destructive noise has never sounded so good or pure - you are not
promised an easy ride with this music but it is fucking addictive and
once hooked, your tiny world will never be the same again.

Highly recommended!

Thanks to Rachel at Silver PR for sending this to me.

Band blurb:
Årabrot’s self-titled sixth album will be released via Fysisk Format on 19th August.

The album succeeds the Steve Albini produced Solar Anus, which gave the band a Norwegian Grammy, listed as a top ten underground album of 2012 in Mojo and rave reviews worldwide.

While writing this album, singer and guitarist, Kjetil Nernes inhabited an old abandoned church just across the border in Sweden. A pastoral Swedish countryside where time has stood still for generations, where evenings of pious Christianity followed days of hard labour in the soil, playing mind games with the devil.

The album features a widened family of Årabrot-collaborators, most notably Emil Nikolaisen (Serena Maneesh/4AD) who in addition to recording and mixing the album, also plays bass and sings backup vocals. The recording session itself was a contradiction to the rabid mixing process - set prices and clear working conditions for professional musicians. Basic riffs, percussion and vocals were laid before Norwegian experimental music stalwarts, Lasse Marhaug and Erland Dahlen added their musical substance to the mix. A sudden visit by Laura Pleasants of Kylesa resulted in guest vocals on “Arrabal's Dream.”

While the lyrics on the 2010 release Revenge were a revenge fantasy dedicated to a certain someone, and Solar Anus and Mæsscr told stories of the human beast, this album revolves around breaking away from city life and the feeling of social asphyxiation invoked by them. Nernes has revealed that much of the inspiration for the lyrics has been found in early 20th century surrealists like Georges Bataille and Robert Desnos, mixed with a fascination for the mythologies of Ancient Greece and the Old Testament.

The album was recorded and mixed by Emil Nikolaisen at Malabar Studio in Oslo. Mastered by Jason Ward at Chicago Mastering

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