Friday, 13 September 2013

American Sharks - S/T

American Sharks play dirty punk rock'n'roll - this 19 minute
album is like taking your first cheap chemical drugs trip - 
frantic, full of bright lights and noise and over too quickly,
leaving you wanting more.

Carrying on from where Electric Frankenstein and The Hellacopters
left off, American Sharks are like a shot of adrenaline mainlined
into the brain. 

Remember when music was about energy, singalong choruses,
dazzling guitar breaks, sweat and passion? These guys do.
One of my fave bands used to do this - they all had the surname
of Ramone! This album just makes me feel happy and violent
at the same time - a perfect combination.

With a bass sound that Lemmy would be proud of, the songs
cruise along with an unstoppable drive over which the frantic
vocals spit out lyrics for songs titled "Freak Out" or "Satan's
Overture Pt. 1". They are not trying to be the darkest or brutal or
whatever the fuck this months "core" scene is supposed to be -
this band just wanna play fast and powerful and kick some arse
on the way.

Which sometimes is all I need!

Released on 17th September.

American Sharks - get some Here

Thanks to the band for sending this.


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