Thursday, 26 September 2013

Clutch - Earth Rocker

From Maryland USA.
Very strong candidate for the upper echelons of my best 
of 2013 list!

 Fucking marvellous....shit kicking big rock good that I nearly 
broke the steering wheel by pounding it in time to the great slabs of riff 
assaulting my ears! Great songs and vocals with stunning guitar throughout. 

A little hard to categorise (which is a good thing)...  Hard Rock is 
probably the closest ...imagine Monster Magnet if they weren't obsessed 
with Sci-Fi and Hawkwind and that the vocalist is a close relative of  
MM's Dave hopefully get the picture. A real feel 
good album to raise the spirits and which doesn't disappoint on repeat listens.

For more info on the band's lengthy existence click Here

Below is the the title track from this album done live.

Doug E Dogg

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