Monday, 16 September 2013

Gunslingers - Massacre-Rock Deviants Inquisitors

What do you get if you cross Turkey Bones & The Wild Dogs
with a demented take on the Gun Club?


Using the rhythm section from Aluk Todo, the 2 tracks merge
into a 17 minute trip that pulses and sprawls like a drugged-out
snake crawling through your brain.

Distorted vocals alternate between slurred speaking and disjointed
yelps, giving the impression of someone trying to recite poetry under
great duress.

If you have ever thrilled to the guitar playing in the VU "I Heard Her
Call My Name", you are in for a treat. Chaotic train-wreck solos and
riffs are pushed to the front with reckless passion and aggression
that only overdriven amps can provide. This is primitive punk/psych
and I can only wish for an album worth of material!

Thanks to Andy at Riot Season Records for sending this.

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