Friday, 27 September 2013

Toxic Holocaust - Chemistry of Consciousness

Eye bursting, pill popping, drug stabbing, beer drinking,
piss taking, shit throwing, ear bleeding, amp smashing,
guitar shredding, throat rupturing alert!!

The driving force behind Yellow Goat and many other
projects brings you a collection of thrash/metal/punk/crust
under the guise of the mighty Toxic Holocaust.

This is filthy sounding rock’n’roll that is exciting, heavy, fast
and fun all at once. Think Motorhead crossed with Zeke and
Discharge extremely pissed off and you should know
what to expect.

Scorched-earth guitar solos are machine gunned across these
tracks which are raw and distorted hymns to all that is abrasive
and headache making. The vocals, are of course pretty fierce
and are heavily reverbed which puts me in mind of early
Venom for some reason.

The riffs are great and just keep coming along with reckless
abandon. Joel Grind sounds like he is having a blast playing
these songs and it come across as infectious bursts of perfectly
formed gouts of foot-stomping mayhem.

I whole heartedly recommend this and can say with no doubt
that this will go into my albums of the year list.

Thanks to Becky at Pioneer Music Press for sending this to me.

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