Wednesday, 25 January 2012

End of Transmission

Well, it does not really come as surprise to any of us but Mediafire have
removed all my links.

After the mindnumbing time I had when Rapidshare lost all my files
at the beginning of this blog and I replaced them all, I am not going to
spend all my time re-upping the links again.

Some blogs are shutting down because of this but for me, it has never
been about just having a link of a new album for DL purposes.

I started this to write about the music that made me jump up and down -
a brand new release or something from many years ago, the only criteria
was that it sounded fucking great.

So my faithful download monkeys, what happens next?

I will still continue to review albums but there will be no DL links .........
goodbye to most of my followers then!

I will still continue to review bands that send me albums - and if they
want or provide links, these of course will be upped.

I will still continue to review bands that have free downloads on Bandcamp -
shit loads of good stuff out there.

I will still rant about things with no regard for your feelings or beliefs!

Interesting times ahead - this purge may die down after a while but I will
still be here telling you that you are wrong and I am right!


  1. Such a shame man, there were some really top notch albums here. Not really sure what to do with BDO at the minute

  2. Sorry to hear it. thanks for all the good sounds. Lang may yer lum reek.

  3. I see some blogs have gone down the "by invitation only" route. I can only think that as no one is linking to storage sites at the moment, they can send actual files to a few trusted people via their own FTP site - beats the cd-r swapping!

  4. what a shame tony! it really sucks! All my support to you and your blog.

  5. Fuck going private. I know it is the sensible route and that. But once all of your links have gone then what's the point?

    I know I can be an emotional blogger quite often and probably quite irrational. But currently I'm drunk as hell and all I can really muster that is properly coherent is... FUCK AMERICA AND ALL OF YOUR STUPID FUCKING WAYS. WHY THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU CAN CONTROL THE INTERNET FOR THE ENTIRE WORLD? YOU AREN'T THE FUCKING WORLD POLICE, AS MUCH AS YOU LIKE TO THINK YOU ARE. SOPA has been sheleved. Why you think this is a federal case is absolutely beyond me. HOW ABOUT CATCHING SOME FUCKING TERRORISTS YOU FUCKING CUNTS? Oh no, filesharing is much more of an issue than international terrorism. DO YOUR FUCKING JOB LIKE YOU GT PAID FOR. IF I JUST DONE SOMETHING DIFFERENT TO MY JOB DESCRIPTION I'D GET FIRED. FUCK OFF YOU AMERICAN SCUM, YOU DO NOT RULE THE WORLD, AS MUCH AS YOU WOULD LIKE TO THINK THAT YOU DO. SICK. Absolutely sick.

  6. ZoSo))) - I have no intention of going private and as for your impassioned words - well said my ranting friend.

    And many thanks for other peoples comments here and elsewhere. I will keep on going and will look for an alternative host.

  7. try this one:

    the show must go on!

  8. The history of copyrights in america is fascinating. It’s gone from a system to regulate the reproduction of maps, charts and books (and nothing else) for a limited time to a means of controlling culture and popular sentiment- or free choice. By eliminating restrictions on donations to candidates, we have greased the skids for the wealthiest candidates to purchase public sentiment. This current spate of government efforts to “control the distribution of copyrighted materials” is a thinly veiled attempt for the most powerful to impose their will by making the public reliant on a media which is narrow, and slanted to the interests of the very few. I’m certain this is not at all the vision the architects of Democracy had in mind.

  9. I don't actually remember posting that. But I stick by the words. Fuck these idiots.