Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Hands Of Doom - Black Sabbath Tribute

Tribute albums - don't you fucking hate them ....... but this one
is different. 

Just as France seems to be producing excellent hardcore & crust bands, 
Italy has been the fertile breeding ground of all things sludge-like
or doom. The songs here are a loving recreation of Sabbath tracks
and mostly do a really good job. Heavy and fuzz filled, I
think it is worth a listen - hey it's free as well.

I found it on an Italian website - I do not speak the lingo but
it seems to have been produced for a music mag.

Magazine blurb: 
The contribution that Black Sabbath gave to modern music is much wider than having created a musical genre, Heavy Metal, in spite of the fact that the latter feature alone would deserve enormous admiration. Black Sabbath’s art is a reference for style, an archetype of work, a unique fusion of styles ranging from blues to rock, jazz and up to psych and prog experimentation and with the involvement of an orchestra and synth into a new rock formula. Black Sabbath have always been ahead of their times and have looked at everyday world with lucid craziness for transforming it in a scary and esoteric way. And this is where their innovative approach resides, i.e. having conceived pop and rock music not as a means for comfortably entertaining the listeners but for scaring and menacing them. The gruesome bell tolls and the rumbling thunder grimly opening the 1970 album Black Sabbath tell us that the happy decade of the Sixties and their issues about peace and love, flower power and hippies, are definitely, formally and ideally a closed chapter. A new era had started drenched with horror, with fear of the Cold War and of Vietnam, of the atomic bomb and of heroin. All of these themes were brightly developed in Geezer Butler’s surreal style. Hence Black Sabbath’s influence was not constrained simply to the music realm but was also reflected in the ethics of the many who explored the dark side of the human mind in music. Such aspect manifested also in the graphical representation, in the lyrics and in the choreography of live shows that became a reference point for all heavy bands. The early, 1969 - 1978 Black Sabbath line-up, the one including Ozzy, never ceased experimenting till the end while always trying to improve and find new combinations of sounds. This is the greatest teaching Black Sabbath gave to modern generations: always try and challenge your limits and do not be scared of daring. Only from personality and originality blooms true art. 

Give it a go free Here

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