Thursday 28 March 2013

Earthling - Dark Path

Earthling sound like High On Fire if they had been formed
in Norway - heavy as fuck but with a BM attitude, especially in 
the vocal department! There is a big doom influence here but
instead of just more Sabbath riffs being endlessly recycled,
these tracks have a razor sharp edge that have been honed
by the roots of thrash and metal. 

Huge sounding and unstoppable, this took me by surprise and
I fucking love it! Quicksilver guitar solos are spewed out with
a real traditional feel to them - sitting on top of this sonic stew
makes them really stand out with clarity. The song structures
break free with some tempo changes and direction but always
keeping the atmosphere of menace. The band as a whole
have a real feel for what they are doing and I cannot wait to
hear the next chapter in their career.

Give it a listen and next time you go out on a trail of
destruction, you will have the perfect soundtrack!

Get from Forcefield Records


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