Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Ayr - Nothing Left To Give

Last year Ayr released "Nothing Left To Give" - a howl
of atmospheric black metal that showed that they had
found their voice and identity in this bleak and dark genre.
Although not a huge BM follower, this album had a huge
sound and tunes bordering on the majestic which really blew
me away. It has now been re-released on vinyl so you, my
dear download monkey, can have the chance to hear it.

Band blurb:
NOTHING LEFT TO GIVE, the latest offering from cult artist AYR(featuring members of YOUNG AND IN THE WAY), is now available fromANTITHETIC RECORDS as of March 1, 2013. Emerging from the shadows of North Carolina's black metal scene, Ayr delivers its most intense performance yet on the vinyl re-release of this previously impossible-to-find album.
Antithetic Records

300 copies on black vinyl with 2 sided insert, printed on reverse board jackets.
Audio remastered for vinyl.

- - - - 

Ayr is a black metal band from North Carolina, USA formed in 2009. Since the formation, Ayr's line ups has shifted throughout their 3 current releases (Circling, Eternal Sustain & Nothing Left To Give). The core members remain Rick Contes (guitar, vocals) and Randy Baucom (drums) - both of critically acclaimed blackened crust group Young and in the Way.

R. Contes - guitar, vocals, synth, percussion
R. Baucom - drums, percussion
B. Gascho – synth
J. Elmore - bass

Demo 2009 [Self Released]
Circling 2010 [Nervous Light]
Eternal Sustain 2011 [Anti Human Awakening]
Nothing Left To Give 2012 [Antithetic / Nervous Light]

Antithetic Records



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