Thursday, 13 June 2013

Totter - The Crackle

I found this while browsing the Torn Flesh Records site - it
seems to have at least a hundred free downloadable albums.

This netlabel really seems to be cranking up the idea of what can be
done for bands on the interweb - good fucking job Mr Torn Flesh - 
check them out Here

A lot of the bands featured seem to come from the extreme
end of the spectrums- grindcore/death/harsh electronics etc but
among the chaos are some different genres.

Tottter come at you with some Dark Americana and a definite
Southern Gothic vibe but that is just a starting point.

Trip hop rhythms drive some songs along while the multiple
vocal styles keep things fresh and intricate. Just as Jim White
seemed to break the mold of laid back singers emerging from
the alt-country genre, Totter take things further with distorted
guitars weaving through passages, clacking percussion fighting
for space among violin sounds, Dub-Jazz breaks that add to the
sense of calm chaos, all infused with a Tom Waits holding-onto-
sanity, world-weary singing style.

Add a Dub feeling to a lot of the bass and drums and you have
different to listen to. Give this a listen if you want to stretch
your music genres. Recommended.

Name your price at Bandcamp


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