Monday 24 June 2013

Sludgelord presents - The Devils Jukebox

The mighty Sludgelord blog has unleashed another compilation
of filthy sounds, dirty sludge worship and all that is good in
the underground world of heaviness.

4 hours of music to help you through the week, visit Steve
and his crew Here.

Here is the magnificent selection of tracks on offer - all free and
all with full permission of the bands involved.



Track NoArtistSong
1BeastwarsTower Of Skulls
2Black Black BlackWisdom, Knowledge and Fucked
3NibiruQaa-om sapah
4SpelljammerElectric Ground
5Traitors Return To EarthHuman Drone
6Desert StormTitan
7Los Disidentes Del Sucio MotelOuija
8SannhetSlow Ruin
9HalmosExcursion Into Chaos
10HogslayerAll Roads Lead To Bastard
11Cold Blue MountainPTSD
12DruglordMotherfucker Rising
13ZompokYour Devils Know My Name
15Desert StormWord To The Wise Man
16The Tragedy We Live InWahnsinn
17Massive ThunderfuckPetting
18Space WitchCosmic Cauldron
19SteakAcid Dave
21ValfaderSacred Spiral
22Lark's TongueDays Of Nothing (Chokebore Cover)
23BicheUn bon dimanche
25Grey HostDawn For Vultures
26IRNAlways Die Slowly
27Myopic EmpireGod Machine
29RoadkillsodaCan't Take Control
30Ten Foot WizardFUCK
31Terminal ProspectThe Edge Of Confusion
32The Whorehouse MassacreBowels Of Hell
33Tumbleweed DealerHow To Light A Joint With A Blowtorch
34Jacknife HolidayK-Hole
35Wolves Carry My NameBone Carver
VIII. Wolves

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