Friday, 14 June 2013

Confine - Setting Fire To The Western Hemisphere

Powerviolence, Grindcore, Noise and Sludge. Witch Hunter
Records have just released the new record by Confine and
it sounds like drilling into your own brain at the same time 
as having your genitals eaten by rabid weasels.

This one is not for me but I know that some of you download
monkeys dig this stuff so check it out.

Band blurb.
Setting Fire To The Western Hemisphere 

1. Identity 00:41 
2. Memory 00:37 
3. Perception 01:02 
4. Legacy 01:10 
5. Abstraction 01:19 
6. A Sceptical Disposition 00:41 
7. Reason and Science 00:42 
8. Formation and Transformation 01:00 

Bass - Zac Broughton (Oblivionized / Iconic Destruction) 
Guitars - Edd Robinson (Human Cull / Disfortune) 
Drums - Rich Speakman (The Afternoon Gentleman / Gets Worse) 
Vocals - Chris Reese (Corrupt Moral Altar / HorseBastard) 

A glance at the visceral cover art that accompanies Confine’s debut record should stand you in good stead for the aural abuse to come. Suicide, medication, pollution, unmarked graves and giant ants boring into your screaming skull. Yeah, this aint likely to be pretty. And it really isn’t. Boasting a super group-style line up culled from the UK extreme scene (members also pollute ears in The Afternoon Gentlemen, Corrupt Moral Altar, Oblivionized, Human Cull and more) Confine are a rotten and putrid grindcore massacre. A veritable depraved orgy of whirlwind blastbeats, head-crushing sludge, inhuman screams and riffs that the feeble human mind can barely comprehend. Throughout the 8 tracks, barely ever pushing past 70 seconds each, Confine drag you through a feverish nightmare of constantly shifting audible violence. Never predictable, utterly dangerous and with a layer of tangible grime and misery that only UK grindcore can provide.

Pre-order from Witch Hunter Records 


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