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What's on the car Stereo part 3

Right.......onto what's been stopping me hearing various rattling noises that my car makes !!!....

W.A.S.P - The Headless Children 1989

One of my favourite Metal albums....ever.....all the songs are full on hard riffing belters....ok theres one slow track, Forever Free, but it has a blinding solo and shows Blackie Lawless's vocal talents to the max...he has a great rawk and roll voice. Their cover of The Who's "The Real Me" is a joy to behold. I saw them on The Headless Children Tour and they were very good....this being the first tour they had done without all their trademark pyrotechnics and associated unpleasantness. The follow up to this album "Helldorado" is also worth a listen although all their output before Headless and after Helldorado does leave me rather cold.

Zodiac Mindwarp and the Love Reaction - Tattooed Beat Messiah 1988

Another of my faves......saw them live loads of times around 87/88......always entertaining to the max despite being laden with every rock cliche you could think of !! This album really kicks ass....full of catchy foot stomping riffs and some of the most outrageously un-PC lyrics you will ever hear....I also had to listen to their first EP which contains the brilliant High Priest Of Love whose intro and opening riffs always make me want to jump up and down !! can you not warm to a band whose members included Slam Thunderhide (drums), Trash D Garbage (bass) and Cobalt Stargazer (guitar) !!

The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Various 
I was given a compilation of the best of their stuff from 1995 to date (they are still actively gigging) and found it very hard to stop playing it !! They are an American band (formed in 1988) who play Indie/Moody/Psych/pop/rock/jangly sort of stuff with an edge. I've not actually heard a whole proper album so can't recommend one in particular......but on the strength of what I've heard thus far you won't be too disappointed with anything they have produced. 
Here's a sample of them live 

....check them out....I don't expect they are to everyone's taste but the world would be a very boring place indeed if we all shared the same opinion !! 

Motorhead - Blitzkreig in Birmingham - Live '77

Superb quality early recording of the classic line up of Lemmy/Fast Eddie
and Philthy playing all the first album plus a few other favourites......
a blistering show and raw as hell.

Without God - Lambs to the Slaughter - 2012

Doom-ish stuff from Russia......heavy chugging satisfying riffs with great solos throughout.
BIL review

Monster Magnet - Roadburn -Live 2004

Another of my absolute fave bands of the last 15 or so years....they rarely disappoint with any of their releases and I can sum up this live album in one sentance...."magnificently awesome slab of arsekicking footstomping mayhem" and they do a cover of The Stooges 1970 !!! If you've not heard them rectify that immediately.....especially if you are a fan of Hawkwind......who are ,without doubt, MM's favourite band on the planet !!

High Tide - Sea Shanties - 1969

Much name checked English band......this is their first album and jolly good it is too......great solos (guitar and fuzz violin),enjoyable jams and very good songs....featuring Simon House on violin (later to become a member of Hawkwind).....the lead singers voice is unnervingly similar to Jim Morrison of The Doors at times.....the only complaint about this their debut release is that it is very short !!

Montrose - Montrose - 1973

One of the great classic heavy rock albums...ever !! Named after the lead guitarist Ronnie Montrose (1947-2012) this contains the awesome Rock The Nation, Bad Motor Scooter, Space Station Number 5, Rock Candy and Make It Last.....all have huge memorable riffs and cannot be faulted in any way. Vocalist Sammy Hagar gives it all he is worth as do the rest of the band. I saw Hagar on 2 of his solo tours in 79/80 when he had Montrose's bassist Bill (the Electric) Church in his line up.....he never disappointed...a great front man and very good guitarist as well. Even now in his mid-60's he is still rocking out with Chickenfoot whose members include Joe Satriani and Chad Smith. Their follow up album "Paper Money" (1974) is also worth checking out especially to hear the original version of "I Got The Fire" which was covered with great success by Iron Maiden in their early days. Their last 2 albums Jump On It and Warner Brothers Presents are best avoided at all costs....totally uninspiring. 

Ted Nugent - Ted Nugent - 1975

A most satisfying rock album featuring songs Snakeskin Cowboy, Stranglehold and Stormtrooping amongst many others.....a very good guitarist and totally over the top showman.....his pastimes and beliefs haven't always brought him universal acceptance but there is no denying his ability with a guitar. His later releases Cat Scratch Fever and Gonzo Live are probably more familiar to most but this earlier album is well worth getting hold of. He had a reputation of being the loudest rock act on the planet and to emphasise this ,and by way of a great attention seeking publicity stunt, all the windows at Hammersmith Odeon would have brown tape ( a la Blitz in London in WW2) criss crossed over them to prevent shattering !! His other famous stunt was to shatter a wine glass with the volume and frequency generated by his guitar !! This was sadly a stunt he wasn't allowed to do at the Odeon on the times I saw him there in the late 70' and safety said "No !!"....their decision was obviously based on the truth behind this which involved a sharpshooting member of the road crew in the wings who would fire at and shatter the glass with an air rifle at the given time !!

Smashed Gladys - Social Intercourse - 1988

As good a slab of high energy rock and roll glam sleaze metal as you could ever wish to hear......featuring the gravel voiced Sally Cato and lyrics which are totally un-PC from first to last, this lot, who came from New York, will leave you with a smile on your face and your best stomping foot hurting by the wind off groove on side B !! Check out Eye Of The Storm....a melodic start leading to absolute mayhem with one of the best screams on vinyl.

Iggy and the Stooges - Ready To Die - 2013

I'm a huge fan of The Stooges and was wholeheartedly sickened by the limp final offering that was The Weirdness album (featuring the late Ron Ashton) released a few years ago. This goes some way to redressing that abomination. Now with James Williamson back on guitar duties this would be an awesome 6 track EP...the other 4 tracks having "filler" written all over them....the lyrics tend to be rather lame as well.....Iggy himself has said that he's lost "The Rage" as his life is now pretty much comfortable but there is no excuse for including some of these songs. That said the other 6 are cracking...great guitar from JW with some very old Stooge reminiscent riffs straining to get out. Certainly worth given this your the 2nd or 3rd run through you will have worked out which tracks to "skip" on the cd player.

Day After The Sabbath 73 - Hammond Lord

This is a tribute compilation in memory of the late Jon Lord, legendary keyboardist with Deep Purple and chief exponent of the Hammond Organ sound. This comprises 14 tracks by largely obscure/unheard of (since release) bands who all featured the Hammond organ. If, like myself, it is a sound that makes you smile then this is for you.
Get this and countless other fantastic comps from the mighty The Day After The Sabbath

Earthless -Sonic Prayer - 2005

Absolutely fucking brilliant !!....Just 2, YES 2 tracks (35 mins in total) Just how do you make a solo as long as the track this interesting ??...1st track is a late Hendrixy-style jam and the 2nd is pure stoner over a Hendrix influenced doom riff.......Tremendous.

Well, I hope some of the above might prompt you to investigate more for yourselves......until next time......

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