Friday, 21 June 2013

Morality Crisis - Boats

Any band that starts off an album with a song that chants
"Enormous Fucking Death Ass Knife" over and over while
the bare arrangements get faster and fuller and the voice gets
more deranged and angry, is ok in my books.

Morality Crisis play down-tuned noise rock that draws upon
hardcore and sludge leanings for  greater sonic distress.

Massive riffs are pummelled out with ferocity and twisting song
passages splatter out genre bending bursts of chaos which suit
the lyrics perfectly. Vocals are spat out and fit really well with
the big sounding production.


Band Blurb:
Morality Crisis devastates the earballs with slabs of iconoclastic post-hardcore, reminiscent of bands like Sleep, Yes, Drive Like Jehu, and Deicide. This Minneapolis-based act, composed of three lifelong friends, create a sound as soul-crushingly grounded as a Minnesconsin winter, yet as unpredictable as the wide-eyed dissonance of the Midwestern psyche.

“Boats” was funded entirely by a Kickstarter campaign and produced by Adam Tucker at Signaturetone Recording in Richfield, MN in January-March 2013, The album guides the listener from pant-shitting weaponsludge ("Enormous Fucking Death Ass Knife") to stabbing hardcore ("Gary Plays with Fire") to life-affirming doom prog ("Electric Friends") and everywhere in between.

The LP and digital version (which will be free) will be available June 25th through Morality Crisis’s bandcamp site.

Get from here on June 25th -  Bandcamp


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