Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Arbogast - I

"Vintage amps pushed to the max. 
Screaming guitar melodies layered over distorted bass chords. 
An incessant, pummeling drum attack. 
Sludge breakdowns, over the top blast-beats. 
An infusion of classic thrash, metal and punk topped off with a dual 
vocal assault. The result: a sound that offers no rest, no retreat. 
It is the furious release of a caged beast."

This the manifesto on the Arbogast bandcamp and never has
an introduction been so spot on.

Carrying on the legacy of Botch and Akimbo, this album is
a perfect example of how to make a sonic assault on music
while at the same time containing tunes, music, passion and a
hardcore density that just gets me jumping up and down.

Why this has taken me half a year to hear, I have no idea but am
making up for lost time by playing constantly. This was released at
the very end of 2012 but as I have only now heard it, this platter of
excellence will be in my 2013 must have album list! Punishing but
exciting at the same time this satisfies my noise/hardcore fix which
does not happen that often.


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