Friday 26 October 2012

Lords of Bastard - Cuddles

I am not sure what the title refers to but I do not want these
fuckers giving me a cuddle.

Lords of Bastard occupy the sonic hinterland that is occupied 
by mutant acid-dropping bands that combine noise rock
with lashings of sludge.

This album has a huge, dense sound that stomps over your
sensibilities and punches you in the throat. The vocals are
quite low in the mix and fight to be heard over the pounding
riffing and Am-Rep rhythms, giving the songs a dark tension
that builds within the song passages. Keyboards add a
layered dimension and a sinister atmosphere more creepy than
watching re-runs of Jim'll Fix It.

There are elements of chaotic free-form structures running
through the tracks but never distracting enough to make you
forget the huge, heavy riffs that are always present.

I like this a lot - give it a listen.

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