Monday, 8 October 2012

Beef Supreme - S/T EP

Band request from the USA.

Beef Supreme are a trio that have produced groove- ridden
stoner of the most infectious kind. Bouncy riffs that conjure up
AC/DC doing Monster Magnet songs instantly get the head
moving up and down.

Pounding drums and bass power the songs along which thankfully
are not aimless jams but short stompers that leave you wanting more.

Nikki BelGrande provides guitar and vocals and has the perfect 
rock voice for these tracks, she is not trying to be heavier than
heavy, just singing with a punky attitude that suits perfectly.

4 songs just ain't enough - come on, give me an albums worth!

Bio: Stoner rock band Beef Supreme hails from the southwest United States. Drawing from influences such as Black Sabbath, The Sword, Queens of the Stone Age and Fireball Ministry, Beef Supreme fuses retro-metal with desert rock. Combining sludgy guitar riffs and heavy drums with melodic vocals and smart songwriting sensibilities, Beef Supreme has crafted a sound that is unique among metal bands today. 

However, what really sets Beef Supreme apart from the teeming masses is something not normally associated with stoner metal: their marketing plan. Playing together since 2007, guitarist and vocalist Niki Bel Grande, drummer Lou Chalupa, and bassist Macho Grande are veterans of various local metal scenes and bands. "The standard model for rock bands, what they tell you to do, is play out locally and build a following, and then grow from there," explains Bel Grande. "That's bulls***, that doesn't work anymore. Local scenes are a racket, and regional touring is fun, but it's completely unsustainable from a business point of view." The future, explains Bel Grande, is the internet. Beef Supreme offers free downloads of all of their music, sells merchandise online, and makes use of social media to connect with their fans. 

Beef Supreme was produced by Jon Weil at Uranus Recording, in Tempe, Arizona. 

Download tracks free from the website Here


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