Thursday 11 October 2012

Robot(A) - Crush! Stomp! Roar!

Robot(A) live up to the title of their EP as they crush/stomp
roar and in general just fucking kick shit out of the genre
termed digital hardcore.

I have wandered into this sort of music by mistake in the past
and have always been met with tinny, pre-set patterns that
have attempted to resemble something approaching hardcore
but fail dismally.

Robot(A) have come up with something that gets my head banging - 
meaty pounding drums, throbbing bass, dirty distorted guitars and
vocals that veer from powerful to brutal. The difference that makes
these guys stand apart are the arrangements. The writers have
a clear sense of how song passages are constructed meaning
there is a real flow to the tracks which give them an identity.

Rather than just random arpeggio generators being the main source
of keyboard sounds, there are banks of sounds that compliment
the guitars and add depth to the attack.

Don't take my word for it - give it a listen!

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