Wednesday, 3 October 2012

The Chewers - Every Drop Disorganized

This is a band request from Travis, who is in The Chewers.

I get quite a lot of submissions, most of them good, some average
and now and then some which are just shit!  Very rarely do I
get to hear a band that defies description - this is one of them.

The Chewers have the basic setup of drums/vocals/guitars and bass
but that is where normality ends. The sound is sparse with almost
minimal arrangements and a grainy primitive feel to things .........
and then the songs start............

Country and western Devo?
Early Beefheart punk blues?
Tom Waits with a one stringed guitar?
The Residents deconstructing rock'n'roll?

All the above applies - if you need a soundtrack to riding a bicycle with
square wheels down the pyramids with your underpants full of hot
weasel sandwiches and clothes made from naked barbie dolls being
chased by greased pigs singing german drinking songs and sporting
wigs made of squids then this is the album for you.

I really like this - give it a go and try something different
from he-men playing loud guitars!

Every Drop Disorganized is a free download Here


The guys have a new album coming out soon - Chuckle Change And Also -
here are 3 tracks to listen to.

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