Monday, 29 October 2012

Graveyard - Lights Out

After last years "Hisingen Blues" received glowing reviews
from 70's heavy rock/stoner freakheads, this new album has
a lot to live up to.

Well fear not, Graveyard have come up with another slice
of majestic rockin'.

This does not quite delve into their doomy roots as much as
previous releases but has a much more warm, psychedelic blues feel
that is sure to blow away any winter feelings that may be creeping
into your soul. Accomplished song writing give all the songs an
expansive vibe that sing out to be played again and indeed, you
will want to play the album as a whole rather than cherry picking tracks.

As always, strong solid playing dominates, which means your head cannot
stop banging in time to the riffs that are flowing from the guitars.  The band
are  kicking on all cylinders and have agin come up with the goods.

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