Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Hammerhead - Duh, The Big City (1996)

Playing this at the moment and feel like crying as I realise that
there may be people who do not own this.

Hammerhead were on the AmRep label and in my eyes are
one of the bands that helped to cement the reputation of this
awesome company.

Hammerhead were raw and heavy without using any "metal"
influences - just a insanely distorted bass that laid a foundation
for the roaming guitars and intense drums that played havoc with
different tempos. 

They never forgot about the tunes though, in amongst the thrashings
and angry riffs, there lurked melodies that helped the songs bounce
along- (note to bands today ....... try playing some songs with a least
some root notes that sound good ........ listen to Sabbath or Black Flag
.......... heavy as fuck but with songs that have an actual hookline!)

Give yourself a treat and listen to it. 


  1. this album wasn't even good.ethereal killer and into the vortex were the shit.you should check them out .had the pleasure of seeing them live in the early nineties.even seeing this shitty album post brought back good memories

  2. Hi Anonymous (if that is your name) - I do own Ethereal Killer & Into The Vortex but was not comparing their discography and relative merits - just talking about this particular album.

  3. sorry,didnt mean to sound so negatve.i was just very disappointed with this album at the time.only thought a couple songs were decent.and my name is anonymous, thank you very much

  4. No problem - I do really like the other ones but as "Duh" was the first Hammerhead I heard, I do have a soft spot for it. Seeing them live must of been awesome.

  5. saw them in fargo nd in like 93 a few times.very raw and angry.ah...the good old days.if u like noise rock of this era, godheadsilo is another good one.saw them many times in fargo.they sort of made it for awhile.just bass and drums.very good blog by the way.

  6. Cheers for kind words about the blog and thanks for telling me about godheadsilo. I have heard the name but never got around to listening to them - I am checking out Skyward In Triumph now.