Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Wesley Willis - The Daddy Of Rock n Roll

If you have never heard of Wesley Willis then shame on you. Wesley was a musician and an artist. He came from Chicago and he was a paranoid schizophrenic. Wesley fought with voices in his head every day of his life and used his music as a way to make his demons be quiet. He was part of punk/noise/alt band The Wesley Willis Fiasco, who enjoyed some success and gained a cult following. His solo keyboard music is what he will be remembered for by most, though. This documentary takes you through some of his life          

It's good to see that Wesley had so many people in his life that he could count on. There are certainly people that are in the same position as him that get no help from the system and have nobody to turn to. I hope this either helped you learn of Wesley Willis or at least become even more fond of him. We love you Wes, rock over London, rock on Chicago.

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