Thursday 19 September 2013

We Are Knuckle Dragger - The Drone

We Are Knuckle Dragger return with their new album - The Drone.

Steve Albini is no longer at the production helm, instead the able
hands of Ross Robinson are there to twiddle knobs and to my
ears, it is for the better.

Gone is the trademark Albini brittleness - this is a more
solid sounding album, more denseness and power.

The band still play a fucked up variation of sludge and hardcore
which jars with choppy time signatures and chaotic riffing - and
guess what? It still sounds great.

Short, sharp shocks of power and aggression assault your ears
but there is a skill in the surgeon-like precision of the song
structures that makes sure that you do not get too overwhelmed.

There is an experimental vibe that never descends into prog-wank - 
these riffs are startling and strange, full of murky unspoken threats
that make you realise that this band are not here to make friends
but want to make a noise at huge volumes because they can!

Top notch stuff!

Thanks to David at Sapien Records for sending this.

Released 21st October - Get it Here


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