Wednesday 3 July 2013

Integrity - Suicide Black Snake

This is the 9th studio album from Integrity and they show
no signs of resting on their laurels. Rawness is the key
word here. This is hardcore mixed with metal but sounds
a million miles from the dirge of metalcore bands doing the
rounds at the moment.

Fuck the genres - this is ferocious hardcore filth ridden rock'n'roll.

Heartfelt vocals are spat out as the songs thunder along with speeds
varying between trash and mid-tempo. Guitar solos add the metal edge
and these are sharp enough to reach down your throat and rip your insides out.

The sonic intensity of the production means every note crashes out
with a live feel to things. There are song passages of real diversity
which makes each track stand out in their own right  - including -
an evil blues riff that reeks of despair. Clean guitars trade licks
with riffs made in hell but always the emphasis is on heaviness.

I will hold my hands up and admit I have never heard any Integrity
music before and do not know about this lineup but on the strength
of this album I will investigate but ...... why go back to the past when
the future sounds so fucking good.

Probably one of my albums of the year so far.

Released on A389 Recordings

Get all your needs from Bandcamp



  1. there ain't no living in life is a masterpiece!

  2. Cheers Artus, I wil check it out at once!