Friday 12 July 2013

Tile - you had a friend in pennsylvania

Using their own tag line of "dirty sludge garage punk noise heavy
vandalism", Tile make a glorious din that is full of unresolved
tension and brittle anger.

Sounding like an AmRep release, this is all angular
rhythms and riffs, the vocalist yelping and shouting
like a David Yow sound-a-like trying to emulate the
manic style of the guy from Crystal Antlers.

The personal lyrics sit wonderfully over the top of
the harsh melodies and feedback that are interwoven
in with technical stop starts - think a heavy Unwound
with Shellac song arrangements.

The powerful guitar barrage has hints of sludge
flying around but never descends into your standard
hardcore sameness.

Bass has the glorious rumble that Steve Albini is famed for -
or - for those of you who are old enough to remember - a
classic sounding Stranglers throb.

For anyone that is still missing The United Sons of Toil,
Tile will be your favourite new band.

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