Thursday, 18 July 2013

Tyranny is Tyranny - Let It Come From Whom It May

Russell and Jason from the sadly missed United Sons
Of Toil are back, simpler and heavier with the band
Tyranny Is Tyranny.

Influenced by the 90's Am Rep sound but also drawing inspiration
from post-rock/metal hybrids like Cult of Luna and Fall of Efrafa,
the music is full of open dynamics and rawness that thanks to
the crystal clear production, enable you to hear every note.

The vocals are low in the mix and vary between shouts, yelps,
croons, threats and shouts which suit the political lyrics. The tracks
are for the most, mid-paced, meaning they do not get lost in a
flurry of mad trash.

There is unreleased tension in the song dynamics - this can
sometimes reach unbearable peaks before the circular riffs
are unleashed to a climax. There are a lot of minor chords used
that, certainly to my ears, bring in musical motifs of sadness and
regret - these provide an effective mood enhancer for when the
anger and bile start to seep through the tracks.

This is an accomplished and confident start from a band that
have produced one of the best noise rock albums of the year - 
full of intelligence, fire and passion.


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