Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Northless - World Keeps Sinking

Following up from the mighty "Valley Of Lead" EP
that was released last year, Northless have unleashed
some sonic abuse for your aural pleasure.

This is sludge with a hardcore edge to things. Mid paced tracks
provide a platform for the strong song writing to shine out with
intricate passages and use of dynamics.

Post-metal atmospherics creep into the mix, utilising guitar
motifs that give identity to the circular chord sequences which
use just the right amount of distortion and thickness.

This album hits hard on all counts. The hardcore vocals are clear
enough to hear but without the tired "cookie monster" growls - 
these howls and yells contain passion and anger which have a real
human touch.

These songs batter the fuck out of you but Northless know when
to pull back - but only to emphasise the return to the epic and
heavy riffs.

This is really good stuff.

Band Blurb: 
WORLD KEEPS SINKING, the darkest and heaviest album yet from Milwaukee's NORTHLESS, will be released as a collaboration between Wisconsin labels HALO OF FLIES and GILEAD MEDIA on August 23, 2013. Seven tracks of concentrated aggression and melody make up this expansive DLP that sees Northless surpass us all into a world of their own making.

Northless believes World Keeps Sinking "showcases the heaviness that Northless is known for, along with an expanded palette of tones and timbres heretofore unexplored by the band." The album was recorded and mixed at Howl Street Studios with Shane Hochstetler and mastered by Carl Saff.

600 copies of World Keeps Sinking will be pressed on 180gram vinyl and distributed by Halo of Flies and Gilead Media: 200 on clear, 400 on black. Each DLP includes a download card.

Pr-order from Halo of Flies


Thanks to Bariaan at The Black Birch for link.

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