Saturday 1 May 2010

Who cares?

Not that anyone will read this but looking at
various blogs, some have incredible details
and a wealth of information about albums.

Should I spend more time doing this? -
it probably will mean I will not post every
week day.

Or should I stick with my "urg ....sounds
heavy ..... make me smash things .... me like
noise and stuff...." ?

Actually, as I type this ........ fuck ya!

If you don't like it, read Wiki instead.

Love you all! Weekend treat - F Lips doing Darkside of the Moon


  1. Hey- I have been horrible about staying in touch recently but I am reading and enjoying. Thanks for the insights.


  2. I agree with you, we keep things short and sweet on VDO, if people are that bothered they should google that shit. We write our opinions, if a band has taken their time to send us something then we'll go into detail, otherwise I just assume everyone knows the same as me. Flaming lips do dark side very well by the way, rollins spoken word makes it.

  3. Bless you my children for your kind comments.

    Cindy - I have been slack about keeping in touch as well but I know you are always there if I need to chat about my life!

    ZoSo))) - VDO was one of the reasons I decided to give my blog a go - the enthusiasm you lads have for the music came across - it felt like talking about music in the pub over some beers

  4. It's cool that people get inspired by other blogs and do their own thing, the sludge swamp is the reason VDO is in existence. All of the contributors know each other anyway so it's what we would be talking about in the pub, that's probably why it comes across that way haha.
    It's a shame it'll all be coming to an end soon (probably.) Of course we'll be back with a new format and anyone with half a clue can find an album using google

  5. Z0S0))) - Sorry I have not replied to all your comments but I rarely post on weekends due to family life + most my links, music etc are on my Mac at work.

    Do you think the end is nigh for us all? 3 blogs I followed have gone .... what is the criteria that gets you chosen?

  6. That's cool man, we all take it easy on the weekend.

    I'm not sure what method they are using to weed us out, all I know is that it IS happening, we all knew this day would come, just sooner than we'd first imagined. We'll all be gone soon. But we'll fight on, we'll find another way.