Wednesday 12 May 2010

Velvet Underground - Guitar Amp Tapes 1969

Ever wanted to hear Lou Reed play
guitar in the VU louder?

Here you go. A gig with the guitar
mike shoved into his amp capturing
all his sonic glory ..... and the quiet
delicate bits you could never hear.

You can read whole essays about this
tape - how Reed applied free jazz
improvisational techniques on a rock
format and used Ornette Coleman
harmolodics to his guitar work .....
or just a man hitting his guitar very hard
and making a glorious noise.

The quality is not as bad as you think, you
can still make out the songs but in the distance.

If you want to listen to the VU songbook,
probably best to stay clear but if you want to
hear some sonic mangling - get some White Light, White heat


    Fuck yes!

  2. good description of what to get, thank you sir. lou reed is probably the best rythm guitarist in rock history.

  3. I agree and he never seems to get the credit he deserves.