Monday 3 May 2010

Norma Jean - The Anti Mother 2008

American hardcore with their 4th album.
Drawing comparisons with Botch but with
enough intricate guitar work to edge them
into math-rock fields, they also have a clever
melodic feel which combined with aggressive
vocals also feel metal-ish .............. but in a
good way. Listenhere


  1. I used to like norma jean in the early days, then they pretty much killed our music scene up here, everyone just wanted to be them and it turned into a whole more hardcore than thou sort of situation. Talented guys nevertheless

  2. Oooops - did not mean to ruin your weekend! The only thing I can compare that with is when Minor Threat finally got known over here, suddenly all bands wanted to become straight edge hardcore - out went tunes, solos, riffs and a sense of humour. A lot of great bands did emerge but My War & anything by Husker Du stayed on my turntable for a very long time!