Monday, 21 March 2011

Pink Fairies - Kings of Oblivion (1973)

While not being a stone cold classic album, this
mix of hard rock, proto-punk and early metal still
can deliver a satisfying listening experience.

Recorded in 1973, this sounds like a 1977 album
that slipped under the radar.

Sneery, deadpan singing sits alongside speedy and
lengthy soloing, while the song compositions could
of been used for Eddie & The Hot Rods 2nd album.

With a big two fingers aimed at the excess of prog,
this stripped down rock release was a ripple that would
spread out to '76/'77.


  1. Sounds up my alley, let's give it a whirl

  2. I will be interested in what you think - Larry Wallis, the guitarist when on to form a very early version of Motorhead with Lemmy.

    It's probably not as heavy as you think but certainly more grimy and sleazy than was going around at the time - not everyone likes it!

  3. Oh cool, good little fact! I'll report back once I've listened.
    On a somewhat related note, have you seen the recent Lemmy documentary?

  4. Also on an entirely unrelated note...
    Back in your punk hey-day did you ever come across the Amazing Space Frogs?

  5. I have seen a grainy copy of the Lemmy doc - very entertaining.

    Trying to get my brain cells to work that far back in time ....... I saw the Space Frogs supporting the Angelic Upstarts - I think it was some sort of tour with bands from the North. I "think" I remember trying to get their EP but it was a very short run and never managed to get it.

  6. I really enjoyed the lemmy documentary like.

    A few years ago I worked at calor gas and stockton council used to come in to fill their cleaning vans with gas, one of the drivers was a guy named bugsy, who is the singer for the space frogs. I always meant to ask him if he had any of the eps, unfortunately I left before I got to. Top bloke though, just hard to find any original recordings, they re done it all a few years ago and that's all there is to hear.

  7. Also this album is fantastic!