Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Seditius - Carne da Macello (2011)

Got this as a request from an Italian DIY record
label - Rancore Records.

Seditius play some great hardcore - think Coliseum
but with some rock/stoner influenced riffing going

Rather than just thrashing out chords, they throw in
fantastic varied tunes - guitar runs, clean breaks,
solos, along with bass sound that would not sound
out of place on the 1st Motorhead album.

The vocals are pissed off and as raw as you would
like. The whole album is like being kicked in the head -
but in a good way!

This is good shit.

If you want to stream the whole album or buy,
get band info, go - Here

I have an EP with some of the album tracks - Listen

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