Monday 14 March 2011

Frank Zappa - The Lost Solos (2003)

Another release along the same line of "Trance-Fusion"
or "Shut Up'n'Play Yer Guitar"

All culled from live performances, the track is just the Zappa

Sounds mad and quite jarring as the songs are different
styles and tempo but if you just wanna just marvel at his
guitar madness - Listen

Posts will be slow this week but normal service should
be resumed soon.


  1. hmmm Frank Zappa solos album... I nerer much appreciated his music, I think now is a good time to fix that.

  2. I really love Zappa but he has done a lot of stuff that leaves me cold. This album is nice and simple - just his guitar playing!

  3. I posted Major Stars in my blog. their jams sound like more noisier freakout version of Frank Zappa solos

  4. Thanks for the heads up, I will check them out.