Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Residual Echoes - California (2006)

Lots of guitar solos on this laidback/psych/rock album.

Saxaphone, flutes, bells, the odd female backing vocal
and lots of accoustic struming which slowly warps into
luxuriant six string workouts.

This has 4 long songs that allow plenty of time for
the listener to get into the grooves that are being
skillfully played for you.

This is a tribute to their home state and this does
give you a blissed out California groove but with a
welcome fuzzed out guitar worship to stop things
becoming too mellow.

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  1. hello! thanks for posting my records. I'm glad you dig 'em! you can leave them on your site if you want.

    just want to let you know you can visit the band here.

    and listen to (almost) everything here:

    new music and touring coming this year.