Thursday 17 March 2011

Shellac - At Action Park (1994)

Steve Albini in yet another band that delivers
heavy songs without using cliched chugging
borrowed from hardcore or metal.

As always, his guitar is razor sharp in its
delivery, every note counts with a venom
that is reflected in the abrasive tone used.

Vocal wise is as you would expect and the
drumming is almost machine like in the
execution of the math like riffs.

This has a very minimal sound but it
still rocks like a bastard. Less noise rock
than Big Black but to be investigated if you
have run out of new Jesus Lizard to listen to!


  1. Yep. I will always love Shellac, especially after seeing them live, it totally re-firmed it for me. All hail king Albini.

  2. I have never seen them live, you lucky chappy. I think I have now run out of Albini bands to post!

    All a bit quite down your end - get some of your other team members to post something! ;)

    I still cannpt work out what the post was with the dragon picture - which you have taken down!

    I have reached saturation point on new albums to listen to - just spent this week playing stuff that I have only played twice and then put aside, need to work out a better rotation playlist.

  3. it was Jason the dragon, the new weedeater album! I can hook you up with it if you want it like.
    The rest of the team need to get their shit together, goatlord is the only one with a good excuse! I just posted something up last night that might interest you. A bit arty, really enjoyable on the ears , sub bass assault

  4. So obvious now! I have listened to it though - very heavy.

    I will try your ear bass assault over the weekend - cheers.